Thursday, May 4th
09:30-10:00 hrs
Room Vibhavadee Ballroom B
Plenary Lecture 3
Myofascial pain and fibromyalgia

Myofascial Pain VS Fibromyalgia How to differentiate and treat? Up to date, by theory myofascial pain and fibromyalgia are big different; either the definition, diagnostic criteria, source of myofascial pain symptoms which is peripheral pain generator (the myofascial trigger point) whereas of fibromyalgia is believed from cortical generator (the central sensitization). By clinical they also different for instance one is localize with objective finding the other is widespread pain with subjective diagnosis, but they have a clinical overlap and common to comorbid each other, moreover with psychological problems. By practice they are different in targeted and technique for short term or symptomatic treatment but same strategy as CBT for long term change. Regarding we know little about these 2 problems so controversy and something subject to change is not a surprise issue, particular for fibromyalgia such as diagnostic criteria, treatment recommendations. Following IASP recommendation, ICD 11 classified fibromyalgia in a group of primary chronic pain. During this session will focused about few phrases that fit with primary chronic pain. Personalized medicine, factors that maintain pain problem can be different from those that initiated it, the outcome is more dependent on the fear of pain more than the pain itself.

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Pradit Prateepavanich, Thailand

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   Pradit Prateepavanich, Thailand